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It’s an odd number to celebrate but Amir Adnan decided to do the unexpected and celebrate 27 years into the business of designing because…why not? The show was hosted at his lovely home in Karachi where a catwalk was constructed to give his guests a great view of his designs reflective of what the brand stands for. A select gathering of friends and media was invited to the stylish sundowner, as Adnan said in his own words, “These are the people who I started out with and I’m still happy to call my friends.”

Amongst the crowd were fashion photographers Arif Mahmood and Tapu Javeri, who did some of the designers earliest shoots, Frieha Altaf, who also directed his very show, Shamaeel and a smattering of social figures who have stood by his side through the years.


Amir Adnan, with his wife Huma, who has been his partner through thick and thin of the business. They make a great couple!


Adnan with his daughter Parishae, who’s taking the business into the second generation.


Frieha Altaf with Junaid Khan


Zahid Ahmed opened the show for Amir Adnan and had some great news to share with his fans. Watch this space for details.


Ahsan Khan closed the show in full hero manner and later had a few words to say about film promotions and how they are going all wrong.


Meera stole the show as a showstopper, wearing Huma Adnan’s wedding wear, and looking like a million dollars at least. The muted peach palette looked fabulous on the diva.


One of Pakistan’s first supermodels, Atiya Khan looked just as good today in a sharp white suit. We would love someone like Atiya to give the models of this generation some guidelines on how to excel in their game.


I asked Amir Adnan how he saw the next 27 years of Amir Adnan?

“I see new generations moving in,” he said. “It’s already happening as the second generation is here; my daughter Parishae has joined the business. I see growth and consolidation. The key to succession is the new generation and passing on the ideology of the brand. I see another 200 years of Amir Adnan.”

  • Selection of images from Moovy Shoovy