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Pond’s Acne wash is keeping my pores clean and L’Oreal TR-10, though heavy, works as good protection at night.

When it comes to cleaning the hands I’d rather wash with a sanitizer than touch a foreign bar of soap that’s been God knows where!

I haven’t used soap – the original soap that we buy as a bar – since 1992. Shower gels and scrubs work for bathing and face washes do the trick when it comes to face care. I see bars of soap as germ-breeding, dust catching and bacteria infested coffins of infection. I cringe every time I have to touch one at someone else’s house and prefer to disinfect with the fragrant Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel that I carry at all times. Better safe than sorry!

So at 38 I’m told I have pretty decent skin with just a hint of a wrinkle forming around my eyes. Lucky for me that the Pond’s Institute at The Forum recommended a magnificent facial that put that wrinkle (I like to think of it as one, singular) to rest: in-depth eye care treatment done with the intensive collagen, lifting facial. Got that ten days ago and I kid you not I can hear my old cells working over-time to rejuvenate themselves.

I was supposed to try out all Pond’s washes that came my way but am stuck on the second: the Acne Expert that is formulated with herbal clay. As a teenager my mother would put me to weekly ‘gaachni or Multani mitti’ masks and this face wash reminded me of them. Anyway, since I do not use soap to wash my face in the morning, a nightly regime, I feel, cleanses my skin deeply and preps it for a rejuvenating moisturizer like L’Oreal’s TR-10. It’s been a week since I am following this routine and the tiny sun-burn pigment on my cheek (that the dermatologist said would not fade without being surgically removed) is actually fading. I kid you not!

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