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Lyari-based musicians, the Baluch Twins lately accused the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) of discriminating against them by cancelling their plane tickets. The musicians posted details on their Instagram and reported the unfortunate events.

“We are releasing this statement on the basis of the incident happened to us. As you are aware of our Nomination in PISA 2021 for best singer of the year category which is going to be held at the Medinat ul Jumerah, Dubai on 5th of November,” the brothers had posted.



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The management at PISA has now responded to the allegations and apologized for the inconvenience.

“The management at PISA would foremost like to apologize to the Baluch Twins for the inconvenience they experienced by not being able to attend the PISA’21 show in Dubai on November 5, 2021. The Baluch Twins were one of five esteemed nominees in the Song of the Year category,” read the official statement.

“In light of the accusations made, PISA would like to elaborate that the circumstances were a result of the cancellation of the flight the Baluch Twins were originally booked on. Twenty-nine PISA guests were on two Lahore to Dubai flights that were cancelled. Despite all efforts, several of those people could not be adjusted on alternate flights and unfortunately, the Baluch Twins were two of them. Covid advisories, the T20 Series and the Expo traffic all contributed to the unfortunate situation,” the management further stated.

It was clarified that PISA respects all of its nominees, including the Baluch Twins, and will continue to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage their undeniable talent. It was stated that the situation was purely logistic and had absolutely nothing to do with racial discrimination, as was accused.

The Baluch Twins were nominated by PISA in the Singer Of The Year category alongside Ali Sethi, Aima Baig, Zeeshan Ali and Sunny Khan Durrani.