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The Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) just announced that the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2018 would be held in Lahore between September 4 to 6, 2018. It’s great that the timeline has been moved up to suit the wedding season better; last year the show happened in mid-October and many significant designers could not participate because their bridal and trousseau deliveries are usually at high tide at that time. Bridal week in Pakistan, as in India, should ideally happen in July, so that buyers can order in time for the the wedding season but even this slight jump is welcome.

This would be the 8th consecutive showcase of the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week, a press release confirmed.

PR also mentioned that PLBW would be developing and introducing new brands and talent to fashion by opening the platform to fresh, upcoming bridal designers. It’s always exciting to witness new talent unfurl on a platform as established as PLBW but did that mean the established top lot would be sitting it out? We sincerely hope not.

We also learnt that fashion week would have two distinct set of shows: the early evening shows would feature bridal and trousseau collections from popular, commercially acclaimed brands while luxury fashion houses would show later in the evening.

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It left us wondering which designers fashion week would have on the lineup and while a formal, confirmed schedule will not be available until mid August, we tapped into our sources in the fashion industry to get a wind of what kind of strength to expect.




We have a confirmation that Ali Xeeshan, who has shown on this platform regularly, will be showcasing at PLBW this season and he’s booked for a solo show with a customized catwalk and concept. Knowing Ali’s love for theatrics, this does sound interesting.

Misha Lakhani confirmed that she would be showing too; it’s always a pleasure to witness Misha’s sophisticated aesthetic come to life in a new collection.

We’re delighted to announce that The House of Kamiar Rokni will be back on the runway this year.

Certain designers were still in two minds about showing or not. Fahad Hussayn is contemplating as he agrees that it is important for every designer to show at least once a year but he has alternate plans in mind. Maheen Kardar also isn’t yet confirmed yet but we would love to see her bring her energy to the show. Zara Shahjahan is another name that we’d love to see at fashion week as Zara always brings her unique take on traditional fashion to the runway. Maheen’s Karma label and Zara Shahjahan both did not show last season and were missed. Another fashion week high value regular is Nomi Ansari, one of the highest acclaimed bridal couturiers in Pakistan. Nomi is planning a solo show these days so is still undecided whether or not to show at fashion week.

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Names that will most probably sit bridal week out this year are Elan (Khadijah Shah just had a baby plus she’s moved to solo show territory) and Sania Maskatiya, for undisclosed reasons though she’ll be missed.

Sana Safinaz will be showing at the FPW Winter/Festive 2018 so we won’t see them at PLBW.

We are expecting and looking forward to a lot of new, young and fresh names but one hopes that the fashion council – known for its commitment to quality and excellence – will manage to vet ‘inspired verandah designers’ and not approve slots to copycat designers who are known for replication more than innovation.