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Four Pakistani films released this Eid ul Fitr, out of which Na Band Na Baraati was one. While all four films have received a slew of mixed reviews from critics, we watched NBNB and found redeemable qualities that actually made it a fun watch. If you’re someone who enjoys comedy and can appreciate over the top cinema, then this one is for you.

The cast is a comic ensemble


Performances can make or break a film and one has to appreciate the ensemble cast that boasts the likes of Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Azra Mohyeddin, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ali Kazmi and newcomer Shayan Khan, who plays the main lead and is also the producer of the film. Love him or hate him, he certainly has screen presence. Qavi is funny as a (diabetic) man obsessed with sugar and sweet treats; he is forever chanting “cheeni khao jaan banao”. 

 The foreign setting


The film is set in Canada and features a typical desi family with one spoilt son Zahid, played by Shayan Khan, who is hell bent on causing worry to his parents. He’s the typical spoilt brat of a boy who’s forever turning to his brother dearest, Shahid (Mikaal Zulfiqar) for advice and money since he’s either broke or chided by his father (Qavi Khan). Zahid starts his character with a thuggish demeanour which is soon reduced to a boy with major issues in life – no job, no money, girl problems, etc. The Canadian backdrop, with Niagra Falls and lush green forests et al, certainly does elevate the visual of the film.

Family Ties

The spirit of brotherhood between Zahid and Shahid is portrayed well in the movie. It’s refreshing to see two brothers share a close bond with one of them (mostly the elder brother, Shahid) saving the day by shelling out advice or 500 dollar bills at the drop of a hat.

We love Ali Kazmi

Abdul Qadir (Ali Kazmi) is a dreamy mechanic always surrounded by his two helpers who fail to think yet are quick to react. The tussle begins when Zahid and Abdul Qadir fall for the same girl. Ali Kazimi’s comic timing is on point and we’re just grateful that he’s taking a break from playing the abusive fiancé/husband (think Jackson Heights, Baaghi, Motorcycle Girl).

A hummable soundtrack

The music on the other hand is hummable and lively sung by maestros like Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Bahon Mein Teri is a romantic ballad sung by Shafqat which we feel is the highlight of the movie, shot between the gorgeous locales in Canada. Other songs like Pyar Wyar sung by Aima Baig is a tune that calls for festivity.

So, try catching Na Band Na Baraati while it’s still running in the cinemas for all of the reasons above.