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The title may be a mouthful but #PLBW (as we tag it on Twitter) is one of the few Bridal Weeks that I anticipate, simply because of the quality associated with production and its content. This is the 3rd year and I appreciate the fact that it’s strict in selection. This is not an ‘anyone can pay and show’ kind of show. And here’s what I’m looking forward to…

An HSY finale meant glamour but past midnight! Looking forward to a snazzy beginning this year.

An HSY finale meant glamour past midnight! Looking forward to a snazzy beginning this year.

An HSY beginning as opposed to end

Opening the event instead of closing it, HSY will guarantee an energetic beginning to fashion week. And there’s no debate on how decadent HSY brides are and/or how theatric his show will be. I would alert all visitors/guests etc to be on time or ahead of time because apparently half the country is flying in for the show and massive crowds are expected to create traffic jams outside the venue.

The IT Looks!

While trends in hair, makeup and styles should ideally be integrated through every show during fashion week, the Professional Hair Trend Show is one way to push hair/beauty forward, as opposed to just fashion design. Sara Shahid (Sublime), Mohsin Ali and Wardha Saleem are creating capsules for this segment (which is being presented by Shammal Qureshi for L’Oreal Professionnel as he is also their Technical Consultant) and since they are not mainstream wedding wear designers, I do expect their  designs will be eclectic and out of the ordinary.

Mohsin Ali played with silhouette at his last showcase. (PLBW 2012)

Mohsin Ali played with silhouette at his last showcase. (PLBW 2012)

The hair, makeup and styling team IMG_0019

Unlike previous years when each day was allocated to a different hair and makeup team, this year Maram & Aabroo, Shammal Qureshi and his team at Toni&Guy (Lahore) and Khawar Riaz will be working in tandem to put out looks every day. I feel that it won’t be long before the PFDC will have a system in place whereby each designer will bring in a hair/makeup team of his choice, as is done elsewhere in the world. But till then, we’re content to know that PFDC is working with some of the country’s best names. Nabila is not part of the show this year as PLBW dates clashed with her schedule. And no, she’s not off to India, as has been reported in the media.

PLBW debutants

Renowned names in fashion, this season Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz, Nomi Ansari, Sadaf Malaterre, Zara Shahjahan (showed a capsule last year) and The House of Kamiar Rokni (THKR) will be showing full collections at PLBW for the very first time. This simply means that PFDC is working hard to bring in the best from all over Pakistan. While Sania, Sana Safinaz, Nomi and Kami are established names in the bridal industry, I am especially excited by what Sadaf and Zara put up because they are known to design out of the box and slightly off of centre.

PLBW newbies

I have absolutely no exposure to Deena Rehman’s work, which is why I am anticipating this show even more. Fashionista feedback tells me that she has a handle on quality and aesthetic. Exist, better known for ready to wear retail, will be showcasing a menswear collection for grooms. And before you think ‘traditional regalia gone wrong’ let me intercept and say that a little bird tells me this is a suave 007 type suit collection.

PFDC Time Challenge

L'Oreal does things with style, from the cards to the shows.

L’Oreal does things with style, from the cards to the shows. And if you’re wondering, Libas is celebrating 26 years in publishing by hosting the Red Carpet at PLBW.

Due to the monstrous delays last year, I hear that PFDC has taken strict measures to ensure that the shows end before 10:30 each evening. And those measures include bifurcating the shows on Day 2 and 3. The early shows are expected to begin at 4:00. “Yeah right”, I know you’re thinking but they insist on making it happen! So, Nickie Nina and Sadaf Malaterre will be showcasing Early Evening on Day 2 and Zara Shahjahan and SAAI will be featured at 4pm on Day 3. These shows will be followed by a half hour break and then the Evening shows will proceed. It’s a good initiative. People need to consider fashion week as work, not comfortable entertainment and they should be at the venue on time!


Also at PLBW: Elan, Fahad Hussayn, Misha Lakhani, Sonia Azhar, Ali Xeeshan and Asifa & Nabeel.


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