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Fashion week got into the groove tonight and my mind is buzzing to the extent that I could not sleep without penning a few thoughts You will, of course, get details and visuals in the morning.

Mast nazron sey Allah bachae!

The House of Kamiar Rokni starring Kami and Tia was house full and fantastic. A smashing hit! The applique and embroidery featuring parrots, eyes, monkeys, soda bottles and everything Pakistani on clothes that could be carried anywhere in the world were nothing short of wow. WOW!

Aly Xeeshan put up a collection that wowed the desi sensibility and had two foreign journalists eager to buy his pieces backstage! Next stop retail…one wants to see these clothes on the racks now!

But the night held more wonderful surprises. Aly Xeeshan’s collection once again had stunning impact to begin with and actually transcended the visually dramatic to clothes that were wearable. Holding out to his signature outwardness, the collection was innovative and worked very well.

Fahad Husseyn’s collection resonated his brilliance of drapes. His segment opened with men who appeared to be angels of death and proceeded to exotic women dressed up for the sacrifice. It held elements of drama while retaining a strong fashion ethos. Very well done. With a plan as strong as this one has, he will go far!

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s opening tonight was appropriately poignant. A much needed homage to the people of Pakistan got emotions high and added that essential element of theatrics. An unforgettable take off, it was honourable of the designer to acknowledge his act as an homage to Mc Queen who conceived the idea.

Overall it was a great night. The production teams deserve three cheers for braving the worse and continuing with their heads held high. Really, it could not have been easy and it would have been disastrous had the council decided to cancel fashion week in consequence of yesterday’s bomb blast. Giving credit where credit is due, Chairperson Sehyr Saigol deserves all credit for holding it together and calling the right shots.

The council, one feels, really is doing everything in its control to give fashion a sound platform. It is some individual designers, I feel, who now have to start taking the game a little more seriously and pay attention to essential details. More on that tomorrow.

Special credit to HSY and Frieha Altaf, the production teams, R-Team, Lotus and of course Lattitude headed by Omar Jamil, who managed to bring the foreign media and buyers in in times like these.

Photography exclusively for this blog by Humayun M.

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