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We’ve all been following the newest musical show on air nowadays and much has been said and written about what the bands are up to on stage. But if there was any debate earlier over who can sing and who can not, all of that has been put to rest thanks to the incredible show put up in the third episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. The knockout round featured performances from all 8 bands, Jasim and the Pindi Boys, Kashmir, Darvesh, Madlock, Roots, Shajr, Aura and Badnaam, out of which two bands were eliminated and sent back home.

Since this was the first episode after the auditions, the show welcomed two new judges on the panel, Shahi Hasan and Atif Aslam. Atif warmed up the crowd with a soulful performance of his new track, ‘Yaad Tehai’.

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The host, Ayesha Omar took the stage to announce that the theme of the knockout round was ‘Favourite Songs’ and all bands were asked to perform their favourite song on stage. We loved the diversity of the artists that the bands chose; Darvesh chose to cover Sound of Kolachi’s ‘Allah Hee Deyga‘ while Kashmir decided to give tribute to the late Amir Zaki by singing ‘Mera Pyaar‘. Then there were some innovative covers, such as Badnaam’s rock version of ‘Kala Jora‘ and Roots’ disco-fusion rendition of Hadiqa Kiani and Amir Zaki’s ‘Iss Baar Milo‘.


Jasim and the Pindi Boys performed a cover of ‘Dil Dhoondta Hai’ by Vital Signs

We are pleasantly surprised to see how much the bands have improved since their auditions and this is why a platform such as Pepsi Battle of the Bands is important. In the hands of the right producers and music directors, these upcoming musicians have been groomed and fine-tuned to have a much more mature and definitive sound. All bands were brilliant but we’ve been noticing Kashmir getting a lot of attention on social media and that’s amazing because even if there will be only one official winner in this competition, what these bands actually need is the exposure and mentoring from industry giants like Shahi, Atif, Meesha and Fawad.

Kashmir is an up and coming name, thanks to the Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Unfortunately, two bands were eliminated, Shajr and Aura, who both put up a good show and definitely have the potential to make it big if they keep practicing their craft.

The music is definitely getting louder, bolder and better and we can’t wait to see the musical transformations of the top 6 bands!