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The 19th edition of Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week (#PHBCW) took place in the Mughal City of Gardens from December 10 to 12, 2021. The event was a great mix of beauty, fashion and entertainment with some of our favourite celebrities walking the ramp.

Pantene was the presenting sponsor for the Bridal Couture Week and the brand showcased its very own ‘Hair Show’ at the event. The ramp featured gorgeous women with equally beautiful hair which made Pantene’s iconic life-sized shampoo bottle the true showstopper and highlight of the event.



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One must never underestimate the power of good hair! The Hair Show gave the limelight to ‘Open Hair’ with models displaying their beautiful hair in various loose and relaxed hairdos. The act was a celebration of the #PanteneMoreOpenHairDays narrative that encourages Pakistani women to experiment with their gorgeous hair without the fear of hair fall.

Singer Umair Jaswal not only performed at the show, but also rocked the stage with the song ‘Baalon ko Apni Tarah Urne Dou’ that focused on the freedom and beauty of open hair. It highlighted courage and confidence that women can attain by letting their hair down and being themselves.



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Being quite the entertainer that he is, Umair’s infectious energy made everyone feel like joining him up on the stage.

Designer Fahad Hussayn is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to fashion. Adding the glamour element to the show, he styled his models with Pantene’s iconic gold colour making quite an impression.

Despite the many falls on the ramp this season, Pantene’s ‘Hair Show’ was a major highlight of the bridal week encouraging women to wear their hair down and keep their chin up.



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