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It’s safe to say that digital platforms have erased the harsh lines which previously restricted artists from reaching out to a wider audience. With mediums like YouTube, musicians can upload content and reap the benefits and receive instant gratification with much ease.

Pakistani musicians have also entered into this fast-paced online arena. Singer Bilal Saeed of Teri Khair Mangdi fame recently knocked the ball out of the court with his latest single Baarish which has crossed over 13 million views in only three days on YouTube. The hit number is his brainchild as it is written, composed and produced by him while he has also directed the song’s music video.

The track has a soulful sound over a duotone visual appearance with voice-overs and is about love and longing. The lyrics in Urdu and Punjabi are beautifully penned to express that relationships aren’t without heartache and they require sincere efforts. The emotional ballad has hit all the right chords with the listeners as anyone who has ever been in love will attest to the complexities of the sentiment.


The singer shared the video on his Instagram and commented, “The song is all about love so don’t stop sharing love!” And the fans have done just that; the hit track got 2 million views in just five hours after its release. “On  10 million we made the post and it’s already 12 million views on YouTube. #baarish is everywhere,” he later posted.


Here, check it out and let us know what you think: