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With an approach to become more inclusive in storytelling and narratives, the Pakistani media industry is now opening its doors to the international market with the announcement of international-standard film festivals.  While the first Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) is a month away, the Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) is all set to commence this Friday in Karachi.

The upcoming event will be held at Expo Centre in Karachi – under a theme titled ‘Karachi Sub Ka’ – from February 23 until February 26. In its second edition, the festival comprises film screenings, conferences, workshops and art exhibition during its 4-day run.  The festival also aims to promote cinematography as a mass medium of peace education in Asia by celebrating diversity and harnessing harmony.

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In total, over a 100 Asian movies are scheduled to be screened at the event – most of which are based on social issues while the duration ranges from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. This year, the festival has received entries from multiple Asian countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore.

Some of the films to be presented at the Asia Peace Film Festival include We Forgot About the Children by Gilb Baldoza from the Philippines, Arz e Pakistan by Pakistani filmmaker Ali Sohail Jaura, The Salt Man by Seyed Sajad Moosavi from the United States, Ambiguous by Chinese filmmaker Chi Yeung Lau, and The Violet by Baqer Al-Rubaie from Iraq.