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Thanks to Jemima Khan, Pakistan gets another worthy mention in Vogue, this time in the January edition of British Vogue. Mentioned as one of the recommended shopper’s stops in Islamabad, Jemima puts Maharaja Handicrafts in Super Market down as a must visit. I have to agree that Maharaja has always been an essential stop-over in Islamabad but who would have thought – in their widest dreams – that it would get an honourable space in the revered pages of Vogue.

Me-thinks the fashion councils should get in touch with Jemima to help push a cause for Pakistani fashion since she used to dabble in a bit of designing when she was in Pakistan and she can liaison effectively. It could actually promote the indigenous crafts of the region and empower women from the tribal areas. Also, Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan has been a buyer for Macy’s for ages and there’s no reason why she should not be involved too. If craft is what the west is interested in then let’s export craft before fashion. It’s all in the family!

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