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Indian ace-couturier, Sabyasachi Mukherjee revealed that one of the world’s most influential women Oprah Winfrey has donned a Sabyasachi custom-made sari on the Elle India December 2018 cover.

Oprah has been featured on Elle India’s 22nd-anniversary cover, marking her debut on the Indian publication. She complemented her ethnic attire with 29.5 carats Zambian emerald and diamond from Sabyasachi’s heritage jewellery collection.

Earlier in 2012, Oprah visited the royal family of Jaipur for dinner and she dressed in a Sabyasachi sari for the occasion. In a post on Instagram, the designer revealed details about his meeting with the famous talk show host and his experience.


“We spent some time discussing India and spirituality, as well as Indian art and handicrafts,” the designer wrote. He shared an elaborate account of his meeting with Oprah when she attended the Jaipur Literary Festival in 2012 wearing the designer’s creation. The actress was so impressed by the intricacy of the work that she decided to visit Sabyasachi’s new store that had opened at Kalaghoda, Mumbai.

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“The opening of my store in Kala Godha came up and Oprah promised to swing by in the morning if she got time off from her busy schedule. I think she was being polite! Imagine my gleeful surprise (and slight horror) when I realised I was sprawled on the floor like an exhausted starfish after completing the setup of the store, just as Oprah came breezing in, exactly at 10 am. She was as magnanimous about it as I was mortified,” he added.