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A gentle evening breeze kept the outdoors cool, a squawking parrot made sure he was heard above the social chatter and Nomi’s dress code – white – ensured a sense of serenity was maintained through-out the iftar that he hosted today.

Shamaeel, who hosted an iftar for council members last week and Nomi, who put together the most eclectic of people for his.

Iraj in a sufi-mode, Shamaeel doing the desi-girl and Fareshteh wearing black in a white theme GT.

After hours: Tapu, Nubain, Saqib and Frieha lounging after that lavish feast!

Fauzia, risking a plate of pakoras and Nadia, avoiding food at all costs to lose the last 10 pounds of her baby weight!

Ayesha Omar striking a pose from one of the dining tables!

Anoushey, who is busy hosting one of the Ramzan morning shows these days.

Okay, so you don’t see the African Grey parrot, but he was very much around. Caged, much to his apparent disgust, he remained as loud as ever, ensuring attention from everyone. And there were a lot of people around: not seen in photographs were Zarrar and Javeria Khuhro. You can imaging what the conversation revolved around at their table (hint: ET and KGS). Then there were many pretty models including the radiant Tooba. TV people Anoushey and Ayesha I managed to catch but there were also Sawera Nadeem, who recently won an LSA for Best Actor, and others whose names I forget. The crazy mix of people kept things for going going the predictable and boring.

A fun evening!













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