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Nomi Ansari’s shows are bedazzling, always the prefect setting to his perfect festive creations. It’s no surprise that he is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated names and has an equally massive following all across the globe. Dubai is a fan too, evident that Nomi won Best Designer at the PISA’s held in the UAE earlier this year. He’s back with more love and celebration, as he’s showing at Dubai Fashion Week tonight.
We caught up with him ahead of his show at Dubai Fashion Week, where he will be unveiling the spectular collection, Secret Courtyard. And of course, how could we not ask about the famous green dress adorned by Maryam Nawaz!
What’s the Dubai Fashion Week collection about?
Sticking to our signature style, The Secret Courtyard brings a grand display of colours, print and intricate handwork with our special fusion-esque twist to the runway.
How does it feel like to be showing after so long?
COVID brought a depressing lull to the fashion scene, and we’re so glad to be back in action. Fashion is a form of art and we’re excited to share our work on an international platform once again – nothing brings joy like a rainbow of colour does!
How did you choose Dubai Fashion Week as a ‘return to runway’ platform?
Dubai Fashion Week has been following our work closely, so when they wanted to add a Pakistani designer to their lineup they reached out to us and we were more than happy to participate.

Maryam Nawaz chose Nomi Ansari to wear to her son, Junaid Safdar’s wedding.


Tell us about Maryam Nawaz’s green velvet creation, that she wore to her son’s wedding…
Maryam Nawaz told us she wants to wear a dark colour, so we pitched the idea of a deep emerald green, which works so well for winter. The velvet was mutually decided and we made this completely customized piece for her, something that was traditional yet suited her personality. The lehnga choli has heavy, traditional kora and dabka work with a pop of floral finishing on the dupatta as she especially requested us to add some signature print to the look.
You have a loyal following all over the world but how do you see Dubai, in particular, as a market for your brand?
We do have a lot of Middle Eastern clients ordering online from us, and there are multiple requests from them to get the chance to see our work in person. Hence this perfectly timed opportunity works well. We love the opportunity to be able to expand wherever time takes us.
You deliberately didn’t have a show stopper this time. What’s ur take on celebrity showstoppers at fashion shows?
Showstoppers definitely add a glamour quotient and we have used showstoppers many times, but I do feel it can take away the spotlight from the creations/collection itself. I am confident that my work doesn’t need a showstopper, it just adds an oomph to my runway display.

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