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There are very few designers who have an intricate understanding of what goes on behind the seams of a garment but Nomi Ansari is a master craftsman when it comes to construction; he’s capable of taking a gharara apart and then sewing it back again. He’s just as apt at constructing western couture, as he’s proven in numerous fashion week collections. And Nomi, winner of the Lux Style Award for Best Bridal in 2015, was definitely the most popular designer at the Lux Style Awards red carpet this year. We spoke to the designer about how he designed, developed or devised these extremely diverse looks for some of our favourite stars…

Mahira Khan

Mahira’s performance wardrobe was designed by Nomi Ansari and it was a combination of many of his hit collections, constructed in a way that would give the star maximum stage presence. “The clothes needed to have shimmer and movement,” Nomi spoke to SH. “They had to be larger than life.”

Sadaf Kanwal

Best Model nominee, Sadaf Kanwal flaunted a perfect figure in this body-hugging and risque lavender number. “We made her a draped and structured lavender bustier paired with flared trousers and attached a georgette layered half skirt with pockets and a belt,” he explained. A complicated outfit that looked so simple.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali did not seem like the same person we see in Mann Mayal (thankfully) as she glammed up for the LSAs. “Maya wore a slate structured off shoulder jute blouson with a godet skirt featuring a huge sequinned embroidered rose.” The starkness of the outfit contrasted the star’s soft and feminine looks and was a welcome change.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider, who was scheduled to perform with Mahira, was given a colourful embroidered jacket from Nomi’s Oudh collection and I have to say – with caution – that the jacket had more stage presence than the actor.

Frieha Altaf

Frieha loves the limelight and she’s one person who absolutely rocks the red carpet. When I saw this dress I actually thought she was wearing one of her favourite western labels. But I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that it was a Nomi Ansari dress. “We gave Frieha a cocktail, off shoulder pleated knee length ivory dress,” Nomi explained the outfit.

Jahan e Khalid

Best Male Model nominee, Jahan e Khalid, chose to wear a Nomi Ansari sherwani as regal as his name. This came from Nomi’s upcoming collection, which will be shown at the PFDC L’Oreal Fashion Week next month.

Parishae James

Upcoming model Parishae James, as many people know, is Frieha Altaf’s daughter and she has inherited her mother’s natural flair for fashion. She carried off this long, printed flared bustier paired with embroidered flared pants. It was youthful and hip, very age appropriate.

So, these seven people wore completely different silhouettes and they all made statements on the red carpet. That is precisely why Nomi Ansari is one of the most popular and talented designers around. Don’t forget to go through the album at the top of the page.!

  • Photography by Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly


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