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This is not a paid post. I’m reviewing Nabila’s No Makeup Palette in absolute fairness and love for a product that has changed the way I do my makeup every morning.


What fun: Amna Baber, Noore and Cybil trying out the palette at fashion week.


I’m not someone who uses makeup. And even at 41 my daily routine before No Makeup was moisturizer, eye liner/pencil and lip balm or a very light lipstick. Formal makeup for me was the addition of mascara and blush. For the last two years I have indulged in BB and then CC cream for a blended/tanned look that I’ve always wanted. Not that I ever managed to achieve it.


I must confess that I wasn’t too happy with the way my face appeared; it was always sort of underdone and patchy, and I wanted to look a bit more polished. So what? The options were mind-boggling and I had absolutely no expertise on my hands. Along came Nabila’s No Makeup Palette and actually gave me the perfect solution.


No Makeup comes in 5 tones: NGelic (lightest), NGage, NTice, NLight and NChant (darkest) and I was recommended NGage. I wanted a shade darker because I’ve been told that the face photographs better when darker, and I’m one of those freaks who prefers dark skin to light, but Nabila refused, saying it would look artificial. I would either have to get a tan or I would have to cheat by brushing over my makeup with a bronzer. In the absence of time and space to tan, I chose the latter.


My favourite parts of the palette are the concealer and blender, which leave the skin looking uniform and velvety. It’s not at all chalky, as foundations often are. I love the blush/rouge though it has become a little dry. I also feel you end up using more than you need. The ‘pout’ stain is a neutral, natural tint that prevents your lips from looking washed out. I use it with my lip balm. Under the four-way palette is a pressed powder, which may appear too light but works for blotting off excess oil on the t-area. The issue here: the applicator sponge doesn’t fit over the powder. So I’ve ended up taking it out of the compact altogether. The good thing: everything can be managed with a fingertip, within one minute. For Rs 6500 that’s not bad at all.


While No Makeup is available at Scentsation, I would recommend you go to Nabila’s salon in Lahore or Karachi and ask for a demonstration before buying it. It will be completely worth it, and you’re welcome to post your feedback here in either case.


Leaving you with some fun images of No Makeup…


Nabila with Ayesha Tammy Haq, one of the first people to have experienced No Makeup, when it was being formulated. Nabila has been using it in her salon for ages and Tammy remembers it is what she used on her very first TV show.

Nabila demonstrating to Huma, who has difficult skin.

Mahira and Fia at the launch

Nabila's daughter-in-law and 'right hand man', Sara, with Sana Bucha.


It's No Makeup, so totally recommended to men as well, as we see Nomi getting his demo from Sara.

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