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With the lawn season upon us, almost all brands are trying to up their ante one print at a time. However, one brand that has managed to grab our attention is Nishat Linen. While their prints are always enticing, their latest offer is surely the cherry on the cake! Introducing a ‘freedom to buy’ collection, Nishat is the latest flag-bearer of easy breezy prêt, all while being cost-effective! The thing is, summer is eight months long in Pakistan and while we all love and enjoy luxury, designer lawn brands, truth is that one can’t build a summer wardrobe out of outfits that cost upward of 6000 each. With ‘freedom to buy’ Nishat gives the perfect, affordable option that’ll ensure your wardrobe is cost effective and creative.

Our editor went shopping at Nishat last week; here’s what she bought:

‘Freedom to Buy’ is basically an idea that lets you mix and match from a wide range of loose fabric with both digital and rotary prints (staring from minimum price of 360 per yard); you can buy and put them together to make your own individual style.



Although initially it sounded too good to be true we at Something Haute, took another trip to one of the Nishat stores to find out what the reaction has been to the collection, and it truly has managed to drive hordes of shoppers to the store!



So, is Boho Chic the look for this spring? Or do some seasonal florals have your fancy? Well, look no further than Nishat Linen for the freedom to buy what you crave and customize to your heart’s content.

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