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Two episodes into Woh Aik Pal, it’s easy to see how the play is riding on Feroze Khan’s shoulders. The entire cast gels together like a well knit tapestry but it’s this young and emotional actor who stands out. At a time when you have too many cool, calm and collected actors who are more worried about their abs than their acting, Feroze does appeal as someone not afraid to emote. I haven’t seen Gul e Rana but fans corroborate and confirm the fact that he was dynamic. The same applies to Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, his debut film that may not have achieved box office gold but put the young actor on the map as a highly bankable name.

He considers both these projects as his “breakthroughs.”

“For sure I look at both the projects as my breakthrough performances,” he said in a quick conversation. “But the best is yet to come.”

That best could be Woh Aik Pal or it could be Khaani, that airs later this year. Or it could be a film. However, what’s surprising that he appears to have gotten no credit for his performances or the ratings that Gul e Rana got or Woh Aik Pal is getting. He’s the common denominator in both projects and yet it’s the ladies who have walked away with glory.

So, why does he think the women are walking away with the limelight?

“Honest to God I don’t have an answer to that,” he laughed generously when I asked him. “It’s like a whole new world for me; I have yet to understand how this works!”

Well, Feroze may have not landed himself a Best Actor nomination for Gul e Rana or Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai but surely, there is a lot more coming up and luckily he’s one to focus on the good!

Do you guys agree?