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During her appearance on Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Nadia Afghan spoke about why she doesn’t have any children. The veteran actress stated that she and husband Jawad Pai have chosen not to have children.

Nadia revealed that she’d considered having children at some point but decided against it. The Suno Chanda actress also stated that people who have children in today’s world are very brave and explained that she’s too fearful to handle that responsibility.

Audiences took offense at this statement and criticized Nadia for not wanting to have children. Earlier this week, she responded with an Instagram post talking about the trauma she’s felt due to this undue criticism. Nadia revealed that she has had two miscarriages and also underwent three attempts at intrauterine insemination (IUI) that were not successful.

Nadia further spoke about how her miscarriages led to depression and panic attacks. She explained that she and Jawad had considered in vitro fertilization (IVF) but decided against it to avoid further emotional trauma.

The actress stated that she had been met with a lack of empathy from other women on this issue, especially since she appeared on Ahsan Khan’s show last week. Nadia explained that she’d decided to speak about this publicly due to the “hurtful comments, cruel judgements, harsh messages, and despicable lack of compassion” that she’s faced over the last few days. Expressing grief, Nadia stated that she had believed women stand together and offer each other respect and empathy, but that belief has now been shattered.


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Members of the entertainment industry spoke up in support of Nadia and applauded her courage. With her post on Instagram, Nadia uploaded pictures of herself with all the children in whose life she’s had a motherly role. One of these was director Saim Sadiq who reaffirmed his love for her in the comments.

Nadia Afghan

Actress Mira Sethi thank Nadia for sharing her story while Aitebaar actress Sheherzade Peerzade left hearts for her.

Human Rights lawyer Nighat Dad, known for representing Meesha Shafi, also sent support for Nadia.

Model Zara Noor Abbas shared the post in her stories telling Nadia how proud she was of the actress for talking about her experience.

Actress Hajra Yamin also applauded Nadia and sent her love.

Nadia’s fans also sent her love and support, applauding her bravery and sending condolences for the painful experiences she’s gone through.

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