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Bajao in collaboration with Dot Republic Media has recently released a musical short film — Bewafa — featuring Anoushay Abbasi in a never seen before avatar. It is the first in a series of many more, written and directed by
Fahad Nur and produced by Muhammad Adnan Butt.

The short stars Anoushay Abbasi alongside co-stars Wasil Tanweer and Ahmed Randhawa, performing over Nabeel Shaukat Ali’s powerful vocals which narrates a heartbreaking tale of unrequited love. When they unrequited love smells of bitter almonds; they are absolutely right.




Such passionate yet one-sided love has many faces; it may appear momentarily as happiness, laughter, companionship but all such illusions lead to deception and betrayal, and rejection sometimes results in death. The biggest threat to your sanity in unrequited love is the rejection you feel when you experience betrayal from your most trusted person.



Bewafa captures the feeling when Alia (Anoushay), yearns for acknowledgment from her rather serious husband, Faiz, without realizing what she has in her life is a blessing. Her lack of contentment in life isn’t satiated by logic because she expects something else out of the bond. She keeps her desired locked inside her heart even if she feels wounded. However, a second guy turns her life upside down and someone had to pay the price.

Watch the song here: