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Safar Tamam Howa starring Ali Rehman and Madiha Imam is another drama revolving around complex family dynamics which has just started on HUM TV. While the plot might not be something unique or unusual, the first episode that premiered earlier this week looks well-executed and realistic, so far. Based on the novel written by Rahat Jabeen, the drama has been directed by Sheherazade Sheikh.

The drama begins by introducing Rija (Maha Hasan) who has a developmental disorder. While nothing has been said about her condition in detail, judging from her performance, it looks like she’s probably autistic. Many dramas are featuring such characters and it is good to see the inclusion. If portrayed intelligently, these onscreen representations create public awareness and help viewers understand such individuals better.



Rija is the baby of the house who is loved by all, especially Sami (Ali Rehman), Anoushay (Madiha Imam) and Samina Ahmed’s inspirational character who is the mother of literally everyone in the house.

Sami and Jamaal (Syed Jibran) are brothers while Anoushay is their maternal cousin whose mother passed away while her father (Saife Hasan) is a careless tabla nawaz. Her father’s interests surrounding women also brings shame and dishonour to the family. Rija and Anoushay, both are raised by Sami and Jibran’s mother. In short, this is a story of very complex relationships and characters living under one roof.

Sami and Anoushay are visibly in love and look like a perfect match; both are progressive, sensitive and loving characters. However, Jamaal is a bitter member of the family who also seems to have indecent intentions towards his female cousins, especially Anoushay who seems to be uncomfortable by his presence and is also hesitant when he asks her to serve him tea in his room.

Jamaal is also intolerant and insensitive towards Rija on various occasions showing how people within the family treat differently-abled members.



While the drama highlighted the love and support one gets in a joint family, it also subtly addresses the evil through a character like Jamaal who continuously made Anoushay uncomfortable. It also addressed a very problematic concept that women can endure and deal with everything patiently. When Sami tells his mother that Anoushay is not okay, she tells him that she will manage because that is how women are.



The drama also introduced us to Danish played by Haris Waheed. For now, we are not sure what his part is going to add to the story, however, we know that there are talks regarding marriage and he disregards a girl who is interested in him and she overhears the comments.

So far, every actor seems to be in character and it feels too early to pass a verdict. Time will reveal how the story develops and if it is worth watching or not.

Watch the first episode here: