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Out of the numerous media personalities hosting their own talk shows today, not many tend to stand out. Which is why someone with a strong personality like Mubasher Lucman has become a force to reckon with over the years. The multi-talented investigative journalist and talk show host is known for his show on current affairs, which is very aptly titled ‘Khara Sach’.

Having previously been awarded a Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the most recent addition to his list of accolades is being named the Second Most Influential Pakistani! According to a recent survey conducted by Brands Magazine, Mubasher Lucman is only preceded by Imran Khan at the top slot, with Malik Riaz following at third position on the list of Most Influential Pakistanis. This comes as no surprise as the fiery anchorperson has a great social media following with 4.06 million followers on Twitter and 835,000 plus Facebook fans.


mubasher lucman


His professional and personal life has always been a subject of interest for his opponents, due to honesty and straight-shooting that reflects in his work. Mubasher’s career boomed when he stood against corruption in various entities in Pakistan through his show, which once faced a ban from PEMRA that was later reinstated. From bizarre aircrafts and fancy sports cars, Mubasher also expresses an interest in extravagant taste in fashion and music.

Lucman’s well-researched opinions always make his shows a treat to watch. Be it political leaders or media personalities, the host never bars any holds, hence gaining him the title of second most influential Pakistani!


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