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With so much going on in her life, it seems that Fauzia is unable to catch a break. The latest development in Baaghi shows how Fauzia has now gotten used to her double life, switching to Kanwal Baloch as her means of fame and income.

Her latest video outside a politician’s house garners the attention she needed and of course it was none other than Sheheryar who gave her a call regarding it. While Sheheryar is a likeable character as he shows genuine concern for Fauzia and is there in her time of need; it is also interesting how he represents the privileged side of society. He is fascinated by her, but continuously asks her to stop the Kanwal façade, proposes marriage as a solution to her problems and even offers her financial aid.


Fauzia’s steadfast approach is, as always, admirable. Though we can see her fondness of Sheheryar, she is unwavering when it comes to her opinions and life. She is not one to be fooled by men and their declaration of love, having learnt her lesson the first time around. She is careful with whom she trusts, and how much leeway she gives to this man in her life.

The heartbreaking moment, as there almost always is in each episode, is when we see Fauzia lose all hope in her little brother who she always deemed as the apple of her eye. From paying his school fees, to giving him whatever he asked for, Fauzia held her brother in a pedestal until his recent antics. When he ends up in jail after an accidental bout of violence, Fauzia breaks down. She questions how mothers always crave for sons, but then what happens when a son turns out to be as vile as this?

The repeated questioning of the flaws in society and our mindset is what makes Baaghi relatable, and gives it the credibility that holds the drama apart from others of its kind. Similarly, Saba’s acting skills and ability to embody the character of Kanwal and Fauzia so aptly stand out and deserve special commendation.