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I bumped into Mini Bindra at the Sana Safinaz studio yesterday. And though she was on a super busy schedule, she graciously agreed to meet me for coffee today.

Mini Bindra, who is visiting from India to stock up on Pakistani fashion, runs the PFDC Boulevard in Delhi. The multi-retail store, which opened three months ago marked notable expansion of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council, and Mini confirmed that our designers were doing very well in India, especially Sana Safinaz, Libas and Elan by Khadijah Shah.

The very charming Mini Bindra, who I incidentally bumped into at the Sana Safinaz studio.

The very charming Mini Bindra, who I incidentally bumped into at the Sana Safinaz studio.

What more, Mini shared that a Bollywood starlet was recently in the store and she picked up a janitor jumpsuit by Feeha Jamshed along with several other pieces! Feeha is doing exceptionally well these days but since I have just indulged in a citrusy FeeJay dori kurta myself, I shall be devoting a separate post to her soon 🙂

Mini was all praise for Pakistani designers, especially Sana Safinaz, Elan, Libas, Shehla Chatoor, HSY and Feeha Jamshed but she also had several complaints over quality slips and production turnover. I think I’ll be interviewing her officially to report all that and more. I have to add though that the PFDC is doing a great job in marketing Pakistani fashion in Pakistan and internationally. Did you know that they are on the nominating body of the Woolmark international prize and a Pakistani designer’s nomination may be announced very soon? Now that would be something to celebrate!

Back to Mini, people like her give me hope. If someone can fly in and ‘buy’ (as opposed to stock) Pakistani fashion in India, then something right has got to be happening. I feel this is just the beginning!

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