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Viewers must have seen her face in numerous fashion campaigns on Instagram but Merub Ali’s debut in a star-studded project like Sinf-e-Aahan came as a delightful surprise as she makes a mark in her first-ever television performance. The influencer turned actor impressed everyone with her role in the first episode of the drama that aired last week, and soon she apparently became the national crush of Pakistan.

In a fun chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Merub spoke about several things from her life as an Instagram influencer to her big break in Sinf-e-Aahan, from sharing the screen with a powerhouse performer like Yumna Zaidi to her future plans.

“I told all my relatives to not watch it because I was very shy. I said whoever wants to watch it, can gather in a room to do so and then later watch it with me. But everyone who watched it, liked it. It’s kind of crazy because you feel awkward and doubt if they’re passing good remarks because they are family. It was my debut so I was a little scared, but it went well. I am thankful for all the love,” she said.

“I was quite afraid because firstly, I was acting in front to Nadeem Baig in my debut, who is an amazing director. He really helped me and kept me calm throughout the shoot. But when Yumna (Zaidi) came, she was the sweetest person ever.

“My journey didn’t begin as an Instagram influencer; I starred in a video by Sajjad Ali in 2016. At that time, I was turning 16 and I started modeling on my friends’ suggestion. Do I think I’m an influencer? No, not really because I cannot influence people by putting up good pictures. I write good and positive captions if that matters,” she said.


Merub Ali

Merub Ali with Hassan Choudary


Talking about her big break, Merub shared that Sana Shahnawaz approached her because she looks like Yumna Zaidi’s sister.

“Sana contacted Gul aunty (Gul e Rana) and then she asked me to come and give an audition in front of Nadeem Baig,” she shared adding, “Nadeem Baig taught me a lot and helped me to gain confidence. I never intended to match Yumna’s performance, I only got inspired from her and delivered my best.”

“Yumna and I are both talkative people, so we clicked really well. One the first day of our shoot together, we had hardly one scene and we only talked at length throughout the day. Our relationship was established that very day that we sisters on screen and in real life as well,” she shared.

Watch the full interview to find out the funny story behind Merub’s appearance in a Sajjad Ali song:




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