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Imran Khan, Katrina
Kaif- Ali Zafar starrer Mere Brother Ki Dulhan releases
around the world

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, the Bolly flick that Pakistan is so invested in because of Ali Zafar, premiered in India and Pakistan a couple of nights ago, and the reports are better than just good, everyone. We can almost see that guy who tried to get MBKD pulled from theatres ‘cause Katrina was smoking a bidi in it smoking at the ears, but MBKD made it, and made everyone smile, at least a little.

A reviewer from sent her editors a quick message saying: “Movie belongs to Katrina. Otherwise the film is okay, funny in parts and with tacky dialogues in some places. The cinematography is good.”

Meanwhile, another review we caught via Washington Post says Katrina was actually pretty good in the film too! Could Katty Kat have actually found an acting job she was actually good at? “The movie is undoubtedly one of the best performances of Katrina. She has excelled in her character as Dimple. You could feel that she had a blast of a time doing the role and she surely has enjoyed playing it,” the review states. “Imran retains his usual style and has done a reasonably good job playing the confused and innocent Kush,” it continues, but here is what is warming our hearts: “Ali Zafar’s performance was a surprise element. He has got the talent and he is here to stay, you can see it in his acting.”

Meanwhile the Pakistan premiere saw everyone turn up in support for the film. You can find an informal sum of the night at fashion critic Aamna Isani’s blog ( from whence we borrow these words: “A light hearted fun watch with an absolutely amazing soundtrack. Don’t expect anything deep from the film; it doesn’t have a soul. But it does have spirit and what more do you need for entertainment? Spirit and a bucket of popcorn will do nicely, thank you very much!”

As for where Ali goes from here, we already know he has signed London, Paris, New York and Bollywood insiders are counting him as not just a talented actor, but a methodical one too. Prior to MBKD’s release, Ali had said: “I never play second fiddle to anyone and I will never do films that offer me such roles. As far as MBKD is concerned you have to watch it to believe it.”

“Ali Zafar has got his strategy in place,” a source type has said. “The actor recently refused a big film simply because he had not got a meaty role to play. Same is the case with his upcoming release MBKD. Many might think that Ali has been marginalized by Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif, while the fact is that true to his promise Ali is not playing second fiddle to anyone in the film.”

Just at the time of this going to press, Abhishek Bachchan was on Twtter waxing eloquent about the brilliance of ‘Madhubala’ which has been sung by Ali Zafar. Karan Johar also sent Ali Zafar a tweet saying “Imran tells me you are brilliant in the film”.

And finally, it’s trade analyst Taran Adarsh’s report that bodes well for mere Brother Ki Dulhan in India.  

“The film industry is back in form! Last week, BODYGUARD opened to an overwhelming, record-breaking start and now, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN has also embarked on a fantastic start at the ticket window. The film had an 80% to 90% start at most screens across the country [at several places it was 100%], making its distributors jump with joy. The fresh pairing coupled with the vibrant and eye-catching promos as well as the hit musical score have contributed to the terrific start. The youth has thronged in large numbers and the Day 1 as well as the Weekend 1 numbers are expected to be big.”

Ultimately the film business like any other is a numbers game. We are dying for the reviews to start pouring in. fingers crossed for Ali Zafar.

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