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Meesha Shafi has a massive fan following, and rightly so, because every song she releases is a masterpiece. She recently took to social media to announce that she’ll be releasing a new song in September.

The powerhouse vocalist and style icon is well-known for her individualistic and edgy fashion choices. This time, she has come up with a rather unusual title for her upcoming song making fans impatient to find out more about the tune.

Meesha has collaborated with a group of talented creatives to make this project happen. She took to Instagram to make the announcement.

“Hot mango chutney sauce,” she wrote in the caption. “This isn’t your average chutney.”



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Singer, songwriter and music producer Abdullah Siddiqui also posted about the song on his Instagram Story. “The new single by Meesha Shafi,” he wrote. “Produced by me.”

Baemisaal and creative illustrator The Daft Draft are also part of this exciting project. The video also features models Eman Suleman and Zara Peerzada who shared teasers of the song.

Eman Suleman can be seen cutting up some chillies on a cutting board in the teaser she shared while Zara Peerzada shared the recipe for the chutney. “Some mirchi, some masala.”



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Guessing from the tags, Swineryy is also part of the project.

The song is set to release on September 10 and Meesha asked her followers to mark the date.


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