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As we’re all aware of our beloved Meera jee’s open stance on celebrities while also knowing that she has never been a fan of Mahira Khan, as evident in her previous tweets, interviews and conversations with just about everyone. But seems like the tables have turned, and that too for the better. It appears now that the Nazar actress, actually has something nice to say about Mahira.

In a recent tweet, Meera spoke about celebrities’ responsibility to give back to society and applauded Mahira for her humanitarian efforts in collaboration with the UNCHR for the Afghan refugees.



She didn’t stop there and also praised Aamina Sheikh for her initiative towards children’s, especially girls’ education. Seemed like she was in a giving mood, might we add!


It’s heartening to see that Meera has finally let go of her resistance to acknowledging Mahira, unlike earlier times when she said, “There are better actors so please stop promoting Mahira. It is unfair to other stars in the film industry.”

At one time, Meera even blamed the Humsafar actress for “campaigning against her.” Now that’s a stretch.

But like any dignified person, Mahira has never commented on Meera’s statements so perhaps it’s time that Meera Jee too understood the power of silence.