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23rd March is, of course, an important date for us. On this day in 1940, a resolution was passed calling for the formation of an independent state which was to become home to all of us — our beloved Pakistan.

In order to commemorate the big day, lots of celebrities took to social media and shared their thoughts. It was, however, Mawra Hocane’s heartfelt message that caught our attention.

We sensed from Mawra’s post that something was bothering her so we got in touch with her to ask what it was.

“It’s frustrating that in spite of us making so much progress and the improved law and order situation in the country, there’s still a large segment of people internationally that has a very negative perception of Pakistan. And that does really bother me a lot. We are a land of such diverse cultures, so many international icons and such rich heritage but somehow, it’s always our flaws that end up being magnified. So I just felt that since it’s Pakistan Day today, it would be relevant to talk about the need to fight this negative perception,” she told Something Haute.

And what is it that she will do on a personal level to change this negative perception? “I have decided that I will talk more about the country and its achievers. Look at our cricketers for example. We have produced some of the best cricketing talent in the world. Same goes for our singers and musicians. Our doctors, our engineers, our actors; we have such a large and diverse pool of talented people and somehow we have not been able to celebrate them or their achievements in the manner we should. I would also like to encourage everyone to invite their friends from other countries to come visit Pakistan and see how peaceful and beautiful it really is.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more. You go, girl!