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Kangana Ranaut’s recent remarks on being a nationalist and her views on Pakistani artists working in India struck a brand new debate. The actor is not new to controversy and is known not to mince her words but her fans in Pakistan were disappointed by her comments. Ahsan Khan, who’s also someone who has a strong opinion on issues, has a message for her.

“Indian and Pakistani artists have tried really hard to bridge borders and promote peace and harmony during volatile situations. It’s unfortunate that some of the generally well-respected stars want to fall on the wrong side of history today,” he said, reflecting on her statement.

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“We artists have a responsibility and we should be very careful while saying something that might trigger hate or discomfort. People idolise their favourite celebrities and take them as role models,” he added, stressing on the trust and responsibility that comes with the fame.

“We have enough wars going on all around the world. Too much hatred and differences to talk about! Artists who have a huge fan following should make sure they contribute to the world in a more positive way.”

“I love Pakistan and I am a true Pakistani.” Having said that, he added, “Pakistani community and artists have always welcomed Indian artists with open arms and hearts. Not just that, we promote worldwide peace.”

We like what Ahsan is saying and as for Kangana, she’s lost a huge fandom this side of her border, thanks to her divisive remarks.