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In the past few years, we have seen the Hocane sisters on the go probably all the time. Be it shoots and promotions or just casual vacation getaways, the sister act knows how to travel in style with a true flair for adventure and that’s probably why people can’t get enough of them. So, naturally, when Mawra posted a photo of her traveling again, we had to put our investigative caps on.

We woke up this morning, checked our Instagram to find Mawra Hocane in a vacation-mode, donning a casual ‘M.H’ T-shirt at the airport. Curious to why the star would make a surprise getaway, we dug into our precious inside sources to find that she is heading to Bangkok to shoot for an advertisement. Now we’ll let the fans decide what ad she’s shooting for.


Mawra Hocane is headed to Bangkok to shoot for an advertisement.


We recently saw the bubbly actress pass her signature sweet smile, grinning at the camera as she held a tube of Fair & Lovely. And of course, we can’t shake off the beautiful actress in her glittery attire as a LUX girl. Whatever it is this time, we are already getting visions of Mawra Hocane midst of white sands, breezy air, and the vibrant street life in Thailand. Let’s see what the actress has in store for us.

Our bonus news is that the actress will also be flying to London for the IPPA Awards (International Pakistan Prestige Awards) later this month. We’re just as clueless about these awards but we do know that Mawra will be performing at them! That is something to look forward to!