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With another episode of Coke Studio season 10 out, the enthralling list of songs to listen to has grown even larger. Whether it’s Quratulain Baloch’s strong vocals or Ali Hamza’s mellifluous tunes, this episode has had us hooked. However, none had a more magical impact on us than the rockstar himself, Ali Zafar.

Reviewing all the songs from this episode of Coke Studio, we look at what had us reeling for more.

Naina Moray


Directed by Jaffer Zaidi, of Kaavish fame, ‘Naina Moray’ features Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali on vocals while also featuring a guitar solo by the eternal guitarist, Aamir Zaki himself  The song is one of the most melancholic yet beautiful melodies to have come out so far on this season and it immediately draws a listener in. Javed Bashir is, as always, magical and Akbar Ali is a fitting choice to perform this duet. If there’s one song that’ll make you remember Aamir Zaki as the brilliant musician he was, it’s this.

Dekh Tera


Already one of the popular songs of the season, ‘Dekh Tera‘ is an amalgamation of what Pakistani talent has to offer. Whether it’s QB with her encapsulating vocals and her interesting take on ‘Lathay Di Chadar‘, or Farhan Saeed proving his mettle with a powerful performance, the song is surely one of our favourites this episode.




Composed by Ali Hamza with lyrics by Shakeel Sohail, ‘Jindjaani‘ is an ode to the classic ‘Jhaanjar Phabdi Naan’, which was originally composed by Wazir Afzal. In a bittersweet contemporary folk number, the song ventures into the rough yet rewarding terrain of love, and that’s truly what makes it an intricate rendition to listen to. In his signature style,  Ali Hamza’s  vocals own the mic and that’s truly what one could expect from the singer. Bringing the sounds of the soil to the forefront, Ali Hamza’s reflects deeply on his musical roots with his own style.


If you thought that ‘Julie‘ would be just another typical love song, you thought wrong, just like us. In fact, ‘Julie‘ is hardly your average romantic ballad but sort of like a forewarning from the acclaimed pop star, Ali Zafar. The song serves as a warning for the youth to not waste time running after superficial things.

Who is this ‘Julie’ in Danyal and Ali Zafar’s performance

But before we run into what the song means, let us first address the most important element of Ali Zafar’s latest Coke Studio 10 appearance: the singer has performed this song alongside his equally talented brother, Danyal Zafar. While Danyal already proved his vocal chops in his first song, ‘Muntazir‘, alongside Momina Mustehsan, he further strengthened his position as a musician with the incredible guitar solo in ‘Julie‘.

Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar

More than their individual charm though, it is their effortless chemistry that actually works really, really well. Ali Zafar is of course in his element but Danyal also further propels his brother’s performance while managing to carve his own individual identity at the same time.

Coming back to the song; Written, composed and performed by Ali, ‘Julie‘ is a very playful, modern tune. Ali Zafar really doesn’t hold back in terms of the message as well as his singing style. While hitting the highest notes possible, Ali croons mournfully, singing about a lost lover who valued fame and money over things that really matter. Like love, memories, being good to one another. The peppy song is brought back to life with the help of a mournful shehnai.

Of course, credit must be given where it’s due and in ‘Julie’s‘ case, it must be shared with producer Shani Arshad, who has by now mastered the art of bringing various instruments together in a melodious manner.

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