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Power Di Game‘ raps in the background and an angry, aggressive Mahira Khan storms into a room with a man in the bath tub. She pummels him, almost in sync with the lyrics of the song.

This is the first look, a teaser from Verna, confirming that the film has not been delayed and will release next month, on November 17, 2017.

Mahira Khan made her big screen debut with Bol, confirming that she works so well with the Shoman. But that’s just one reason why their upcoming film Verna is highly anticipated. Not only is it always a pleasure to see Mahira on the big screen, Shoaib Mansoor’s films always tell a powerful narrative, as we’ve seen in Khuda Kay Liye and Bol.

The first teaser trailer of the film was just released, and we don’t think it couldn’t have been more powerful. It was revealed earlier that the actress plays a rape victim and we obviously see her post-trauma in the teaser; it shows her beating a mystery man, who we presume is her rapist, to a pulp. The scene is set to Xpolymer Dar’s ‘Power Di Game‘ and it’s not the kind of music one would expect from this scene.

“I believe in meaningful cinema. Subject of all my films are very close to my heart and Verna is no different. It is my ongoing effort to educate both men and women… women to stand up for their rights and men to accept women as their equals,” Shoaib Mansoor said, talking about his projects.

Mahira’s pain and anguish come through with immense power in this 30-second trailer, as the actress has always excelled at giving such stellar performances.

The film is set to release on 17th November, and we can’t wait to see the official trailer! Meanwhile, you can watch the teaser below: