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With the recent gun violence in the United States on the rise with attacks almost every alternate day, citizens and celebs alike seem to be shell-shocked by it. However, when Ariana Grande took to Twitter to condemn the violence, things took a surprising turn.

After the attack in Las Vegas yesterday – which claimed 60 lives and left numerous people injured, the singer took to the social media platform to talk about gun control while condemning the attack. However, knowing the kind of trolls that infest Twitter, Ariana was questioned on why she didn’t take the same stance when an explosion took place during her concert in Manchester, United Kingdom and call for a ‘radical Islamic control.’

Before Ariana could even respond, it was J.K. Rowling with one simple phrase that became the best rebuttal to the kind of ignoramus replies the singer was getting.

We can’t agree more with the author and how befitting her reply was!