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Everyone is thrilled to see the sizzling chemistry of Pakistan’s most sought after couple — Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan — in the trailer of The Legend of Maula Jatt (TLMJ). After a long hiatus of seven years, the duo has managed to give fans some joy with a few seconds in the sneak peek.

Talking exclusively to Something Haute, Mahira expressed that she couldn’t believe it’s been seven years since Humsafar went on-air and she is scared considering the mammoth expectations fans have from TLMJ.

“I am scared because I know there is a big chunk of people waiting for it [The Legend of Maula Jatt] to see that it’s Fawad and Mahira but it’s not!” she said adding,”What makes me really happy is that apart from Hamza — who’s amazing — and Humaima who people have been waiting to see on-screen, and she is great. I have seen stuff and I am like woah! It’s so good that it hits you! And I hope I am also good in it but Maula Jatt is about Maula Jatt (character) and It’s Fawad’s!”

Mahira also said that Fawad’s fans bug her all the time. “Now I am like, see here what he was doing for two years! I am excited for them to see that. And yes, this will be less of a girl-boy sort of love and more of a man-woman chemistry,” she said.

Here’s the complete video of our chat with her: