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To have Mahira Khan back on television is a pleasure, also a joy since she’s not in Humsafar crybaby mode anymore. I really like this new, vibrant and unapologetically glamorous Mahira. The Muse tunic, the KFJ jewels and the vivid red lipstick all went so well with the flirtatious banter she exchanged with Ali Zafar throughout the first episode of Tuc The Lighter Side of Life. The set looked clean and thankfully there were no message board tickers disturbing the screen…it was all very elegant and yet fun. Not an easy balance to strike but they did it and it made for some entertaining Saturday night television.

The program wasn’t flawless but I won’t even go there today. A program of this standard doesn’t come along every day (at least not in Pakistan) and to appreciate it would be better than criticise it. What needs to be said in favour of the sponsors, additionally, is the strength of subtle branding and how that is being noted and appreciated.

What else? It was a newsy kind of week. On the film front, I can confirm that Mahira’s first feature film (co-starring Humayun Saeed) will release in summer 2014. I can also suggest that Fawad Khan, cast in the Bollywood remake of Khubsoorat (in Rakesh Roshan’s role) opposite Sonam Kapoor, will also release next year. We are of course anticipating Ali Zafar’s Total Siyappa in January and then Kill Dill later in 2014. He’ll also be producing his own film in Pakistan. Talking of films, I also got an inkling that Kara FilmFestival will be making its way back soon.

Meera, Reema and Veena Malik aren’t on the radar (at least not on my radar) and that’s a blessing!

Music is doing quite well with Pakistan Idol, Coke Studio and even Nescafe Basement…not to forget Grease the Nida Butt Musical that hits the theatre mid January. With so much song and dance you’d think all was hunky dory in Pakistan.

Over to fashion, I think things have hit a lull. Fashion Pakistan Week’s first official event – Fashion’s Day Out – has been postponed or cancelled. It’s not happening in December as scheduled at the council’s press council. Next up, Fashion Week Pakistan is confirmed (till now) for February.

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week doesn’t take place till April and meanwhile, it’s sole representation in Karachi – the Dolmen Mall PFDC Boulevard – is doing the platform more damage than benefit. If every designer stocking at the PFDC Boulevard were allowed to show at the PFDC’s fashion week, I promise you the event would be a disaster! There’s a label in the store called Tarash and I kid you not, drop an ‘A’ and you’ll have a general idea of what the store stocks.

Where are all the designers that showed to rave reviews? Why don’t I see Sublime, Yahsir Waheed, Karma, Elan, Akif Mahmood and Mohsin Ali from Lahore, not to mention Rizwan Beyg, Shehla Chatoor, Ayesha Hashwani, Nida Azwer and others from Karachi? There was some stock from Body Focus, Karma and HSY but absolutely nothing that pushed fashion forward, which fashion week does claim to do. I don’t even need to say that the council’s store has to be a reflection and assimilation of what is shown at fashion week.

Ends…for now. Will be back with more, perhaps tomorrow after I find out what cultural activity Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is announcing at the Mohatta Palace tomorrow!

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