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The past week went by in a haze of ‘banned’ and then ‘not banned’ for Verna, and while the film finally released without any cuts by the censor board, everyone has secretly been wondering what is it with Mahira Khan and her recent films facing so many controversies! Remember the debacle that Raees caused?

Luckily this weekend saw the Faiz International Festival, in Lahore, and amongst the several discussions that went on, a highlight was Mahira Khan’s talk curated by Sarmad Khoosat and Mira Hashmi.

“I don’t know! Mujhay lagta hai saal he kuch aisa hai!” Mahira laughed when asked why her most-anticipated films this year faced so much trouble.

According to the actress, she was visiting the sets of her upcoming film Maula Jatt, when she first heard that Verna might be facing a ban. “Ban hogayi? Acha, okay.” Mahira quoted her reaction. Mahira told the audience that she then sat down to eat two chapli kababs and naans that were placed in front of her!

“This is life, I’ve been dealing with all these kind of things so might as well. What it has taught me is that everything gets alright with time, and it got alright!” the ever-charming actress smiled.

Stay tuned for our Haute review of Verna, coming up soon!