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Multi-label boutique Labels collaborated with five of its high value designers to execute this shoot for the paramount 500th issue of Sunday magazine. Quite an achievement that Sunday – which under the shadow of STS had placed a ban on Labels – should award this anniversary issue to Zahir. But then Sheherbano Taseer is a breed apart and a gene pool above. She makes Pakistan proud, unlike her step sister.

Anyway, back to fashion and this fabulous shoot. Planned at the picturesque Port Grande, the savvy new waterside food street in Karachi that would remind one of Singapore’s Clark Quay if it could whip up a club scene, the shoot was coordinated and styled by Maha Burney and her artistic husband Nadir Feroz Khan. For those of you who don’t know, Maha has been the creative force behind Mantra (and has extensive international experience in fashion) and Nadir was the creative director of L’Oreal’s Nabila Changes video.

“This was a personality shoot and had to reflect Mahira’s persona,” says Zahir. “It was a task and a half to convince her – she’s only been photographed in Rizwanullah and Feeha’s clothes till now – but Sheherbano and I managed to. The second issue was getting permission to shoot at Port Grande. We wanted to create five all days looks and chose five designers who stock exclusively with us in Karachi.”

Elan by Khadijah Shah

ZR: “Khadijah is part and parcel of Labels and could give us the Boho-chic look we wanted.”

Feeha Jamshed for Teejays

ZR: “Feeha and Mahira have amazing chemistry and this one was a no-brainer. Feeha is ahead of the pack with her design sense.”


ZR: “They do phenomenal Easterns and have been consistently popular for three years.”

Sanam Chaudhri

ZR: “She’s the most cutting edge designer at this point in time. We wanted a morning after, tousled look in this shot, hence the shoes in the hand. It feels like an escapade.”

Sublime by Sara Shahid

ZR: “Another brilliant designer who could achieve the understated and elegant evening look without things looking OTT.”

(Makeup by Maria Saleem at Pivot Point)



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