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Actor Mahira Khan and singer Shehzad Roy have joined hands with the US Consulate in Karachi to promote Covid-19 vaccinations in Pakistan.

As an effort to create awareness, Shehzad Roy took to Instagram to share an incident about a man he met while campaigning to promote vaccines at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC).

“I met a person outside the JPMC Hall as Mahira Khan and I were invited by the US Consulate to promote [Covid-19] vaccinations,” he wrote.

“The person told me that he was strictly against it, but when a close family member died who was not vaccinated and his friend only got a mild disease after being vaccinated, he decided to get himself vaccinated as soon as possible.”

The man’s terrible and heartbreaking loss should serve as a lesson. “Don’t wait for a disaster,” the singer urged. “We don’t want Pakistan to be the last country on the map with Covid like polio.”



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“I am vaccinated, and I am keeping my community safe”, said Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan in a video shared.



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Covid-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting severely ill even if you do catch the virus. However, Pakistan has one of the lowest Covid vaccination rates in the world due to vaccine hesitancy, lack of awareness and several conspiracy theories.

Fizaaon Se Falah Tak is a campaign that encourages people to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Your immediate decision to get vaccinated will guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones!

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