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I wrote and packed off my review of this year’s Lux Style Awards for Dawn two days ago. Of course, you can expect it to be responsible and analytical. But boy oh boy have I been wanting to have fun with what we all experienced there that night!

So everyone knows that it rained on the red carpet and yours truly was one of the few people to witness the downpour…one of the few because most people arrive fashionably late. And so it rained and the puns that followed were hilarious:

The rain does not stay on the plain!

‘LSAs washed out, hosed down…’

‘Raining men on the red carpet…’

‘The rain in Spain is no longer restricted to the plain…’

And so it rained and the red carpet got shifted to the green room ie backstage. Now many people had furrowed brows over why the LSA committee would take it to the green room instead of the roomier lobby. But obviously, the LSA backdrop was important to be in the background and it was only up there. Technicalities…anyway!

So Meera – and I’m extremely fond of Meera mind you – looked beautiful in an ivory and gold sari. Unfortunately she forgot whose sari she was wearing. Someone told her Umar Sayeed and she kept repeating that but my trained eyes told me it wasn’t Umar Sayeed. Umar’s workmanship, to be fair, is beautiful and that sari wasn’t so much. I was right, I’m glad to know. It was apparently Ayesha Varsey although I’m still not sure.

Then there was Laila, who was a mystery (we were all guessing who she was) until my friend and Editor Images Faisal Quraishi pointed out that it’s Laila. And so it was, Laila, who was wearing the most obnoxiously billowing kaftan that flared out like a Tasmanian Devil is when provoked. I don’t think Laila needed to be provoked.

“Hello, I’m Laila,” she said to a friend of mine. “I’m wery easy going.” Yes wery, not very in case you’re wondering.

So it was an overall delightful evening. It’s always fun to be at the media table because these events are all the more fun when you’re with friends and journalist friends tend to get rather ruthless which translates to more fun. So lots of pita bread and hummus later, I at least started hearing things which my friends insist were never said.

I could swear that Tapu Javeri said, “the award for Breast Female Model goes to…”

Koochie koochie Mathira!

And I could double swear that when Tariq Amin asked Nabila what he should do with his hair she responded with a “polish yourself” and not “polish your head” which is what she actually said.

Mathira the marvelous was all that and more…

She gave Sami Shah a run for his money and when a very established (and respected, they don’t necessarily come in the same package) designer friend of mine asked if she would be willing to do a fashion shoot with her Mathira replied, “Look, I’m sorry mein har kissee say baat nahin karti. You’ll have to give me your card and my manager will call you.”

Now that’s what I call a real star!! And a koochie koo to you too



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