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Without giving away when the Lux Style Awards are actually going to be held this year, I will let on that if the rehearsals are anything to go by then they are going to be super! The energy within the rehearsal hall was cackling as film and fashion, music and melodrama came together for a camaraderie that can only blow some life into this otherwise dark abyss that we live in.

Skeptics, cynics and critics will keep complaining about the fact that the awards will be held in dark times but you know what? They will keep criticizing and we will keep cheering because these awards light a candle in the windy darkness for some of us at least. We’re not sitting on dual nationalities and we haven’t applied for the Canadian immigration. We’ll be roughing it out here, come hell or high water. And yes, we’ve been going through both for a very long time! Live and let us live!

HSY, fashion’s very own Sheru, steps in for Moammar Rana and takes the cue from Pappu Samrat. The song features fashion’s cream; much more fun and frolic where this is coming from!

 This is a rendition of Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum, featuring (in this blurry picture) a svelte new Aaminah Haq – who would make fairy god-mother Nabila proud with her amazing weight loss – Ammar Belal, Ayaz Amir, Amna Ilyas, Ayaan, a very cute Kami, and several more. Reema will be heading this troupe in the actual performance but till then, Sheru is the star!

Fashion’s very own Sheru, wearing Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld on his heart.

Super-trouper: Frieha yells orders and cracks a whip to keep this show in line! Ringmaster with flair.

250 families have been working backstage on daily wages. That’s just backstage, not counting the countless stage hands, cast and crew that are making bread and butter out of a show like Lux. But that’s not just what keeps it going. As Frieha says, it’s bringing back legends like Mahnaaz that makes the show evermore necessary.

The iconic Mahnaaz (c) observing medley’s choreographed to her hit songs.

Mahnaaz lives in the USA, Miami to be exact, these days. She has been flown in especially for the show and she said, with tears in her eyes that this activity “is oxygen to an artist’s souls. We live abroad and search for any news from Pakistan that isn’t about death and destruction.”

Meera with ace director Asim Raza, who directed the show back in 2003. Great times they were!

Mathira (with Sabina Pasha here) will be sharing the stage with Meera or as Muniba said after reading my Tweet, Catwalk creates a Catfight!

So do you think she can dance? Let me assure you that Mathira has the moves and she can groove like wow. Apparently she graciously stepped in when Humaima pulled out of the show (nervous performing with Meera, perhaps?) but anyone who supports the industry is certainly a bigger star. And that Mathira is!

There are so many people I wanted to photograph but couldn’t because of bad light and also because my phone wasn’t fully charged and ran a risk of shutting down. The Four Man Show, BNN team will be making a complete bakra of the fashion industry. Imran Aslam and Sahira Kazmi will be paying tribute to Moeen Akhter. Aamina Sheikh and Mohib will be dancing with the stars. Mahira will be co-hosting the show. Ali Xeeshan will be introducing his line of costume jewlery and more or less everyone will be there looking glamorous and well achieved. As Fareshteh said, “this is a platform for stars to be created and for stars to shine on. Those who wish to, are welcome to it.”





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