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In the vibrant city of Karachi, the 22nd Lux Style Awards lit up the stage, igniting the entertainment world. A night when the country’s most dazzling stars converge to celebrate their achievements in the world of fashion, music, and entertainment. But it’s not just about awards and accolades; it’s a night where fashion truly shines. This year, Emraan Rajput, the remarkable designer, unquestionably claimed the spotlight.

Let’s dive into the star-studded event and see who donned Emraan Rajput’s creations:

Bilal Abbas Khan

Bilal Abbas Khan, celebrated for his acting prowess, took center stage at the Lux Style Awards by securing the coveted Best Actor Male Critics’ Choice award. His choice of attire, an Emraan Rajput ensemble, showcased his innate sense of style, perfectly complementing his award-winning acting skills.

Kaifi Khalil

Kaifi Khalil, the man behind the hit ‘Kahani Suno’ and the Best Song of the Year awardee, added a stylish note to LSA in Emraan Rajput’s attire. His choice emphasized the designer’s versatility, spanning across different artistic domains. Dressed in a stylish purple suit, the ensemble was an ideal match for the singer’s youthful persona, making it a striking fashion statement at the event.

Hassan Choudary

With a skillful pivot from journalist to fashion-forward presence, Hassan Choudary commanded attention on the red carpet in Emraan Rajput’s sleek creation. This underscored the designer’s influence, resonating not just with entertainment figures but also media professionals.

Arsalan Naseer

Arsalan Naseer, popularly recognized as CBA in the digital realm, seamlessly stepped into the world of acting and emerged victorious with the Best Actor Male Viewers’ Choice award, all while donning a classic Emraan Rajput suit. A stylish ensemble suitable for an exceptional evening.

Usama Khan

Usama Khan, the male lead of the upcoming film ‘Nayab,’ made a style statement in his Emraan Rajput attire. The designer’s touch brought an exciting twist to his look, ensuring he stood out. He sported a sauve velvet striped suit, radiating confidence and charm.

Umer Aalam

Umer Aalam, the victor of Tamasha Season 1, made a striking appearance while wearing an Emraan Rajput self-printed blue coat, effortlessly merging the charm of a reality show champion with the designer’s distinctive style.

Maliha Rehman

Maliha Rehman, a renowned journalist, took center stage in a custom-made blingy jacket paired with long tunic pants by Emraan Rajput. While primarily known for his men’s designs, Emraan broke the mold by crafting this exceptional outfit for a woman, and Maliha aced the look with style and grace.

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