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Ali Zafar and Humaima Malik rehearsing for the big show!

I’ve got a feeling…and after an almost two month sabbatical I feel I’m getting back into the groove! Ali Zafar, Meera, Josh, Humaima, Mathira, Ahmed Rushdi would do that for anyone, no? Ali Xeeshan, Fahad Hussayn and Akif will be adding to the glamorama and since no star – no matter how big – can shine without the proper light, I’m delighted that Nabila has stepped in for styling the show.

Moreover, I’m also looking forward to seeing many of the nominees, especially:

Ali Safina as the unforgettable Taaka or Mushtaq Maila

Ali Safina, who has been nominated in Best TV Actor (Satellite) for Taakay Ki Ayegi Baraat (GEO). Oye Taakay…

The stunning Aamina Sheikh, who’s been nominated as Best TV Actress (Satellite) for Umm-e-Kulsoom (ARY). I think this is her second nomination.

Sarmad Khoosat who’s up with a nomination for Best TV Director for Paani Jaisa Pyaar (HUM). Humsafar would have been in this list, surely, had more than half of the serial not run into 2012. As per Unilever Awards Office policy, more than half of a play has to air in the year it is nominated in. It will make the time-cut next year, which is unfortunate.

Bilal Khan, who’s album Umeed is nominated and QB, who’s up for singing the uber-popular Humsafar lead track.

The music nominations are star-studded, with Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Strings, Call, Zoe Viccaji, Josh, Ali Azmat amongst others but I still am not sure how many are attending. Tomorrow. We’ll also know if rumours regarding Katrina Kaif’s surprise appearance are true. I doubt it. Seriously.

As for the Fashion Noms, I’ve already done a detailed analysis on.

You can catch the live stream to watch the LSAs online and you can follow me on Twitter @aamnaisani for live (and probably politically incorrect) tweets. The blog will have to wait till after I file my official report for Dawn Images. Look out for that on Sunday!

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