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For anyone who knows anything about beauty products or aspires to learn more about them, Allure Magazine is a gift from God. Thus, when the highly trusted magazine ended up giving a shout-out to our very own Mehrbano Sethi’s brand, Luscious Cosmetics, we couldn’t help but feel proud.

Recognizing it as ‘Dubai’s cult favorite makeup brand’, Allure mentioned Luscious’ beginnings and how it all started with Mehrbano mixing up eye shadow colours and lipsticks in her dorm room in college in Boston.

“There were lots of all-nighters before exams and mixing lipstick shades was one of my favorite ways to de-stress,” she told Allure.

Speaking to Something Haute about this, Mehrbano said, “it’s a wonderful milestone in the journey of Luscious Cosmetics as it makes its first foray into the US market. Allure is THE beauty authority and I’m so grateful they like the products!”

Sethi, whose Luscious Cosmetics sells at various retailers – which also includes Sephora – in markets in South East Asia and the Middle East, will now be available in North America through their website and aims to sell products catered to a larger market and even more skin tones.