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There is nothing like a good old patriotic song to get your spirits high and begin the Independence Day celebrations. And, since this year marks 70 years of Pakistan,  it seems that it’s not just the people who feel nostalgic, but our musicians too! Giving lots of artists the perfect opportunity to bring forth some high-quality material, there seems to be a healthy amount of competition going around as to who can come up with the best rendition of a classic and for now, we think Haroon Rashid may be a winner.

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Yesterday, the singer released a revamped version of his famous song ‘Dil Say Pakistan’, in collaboration with artists Javed Bashir and Farhan Bogra, along with social activist Muniba Mazari. With songs like Dil say, which have been around for years and become a part of our national identity, a remake is a tricky feat. But, Haroon knew what he was doing and the song stays true to its real version, adding in the strong prowess that is Javed Bashir’s voice, along with Muniba Mazari’s soulful vocals. The addition of the rubab and tabla take the beat up a notch, making the song a prepped up rendition of Haroon’s classic, and any other major changes would not have worked as well as this did.

The visuals too, are bright and uplifting, and the addition of Akif Aleem in the video, who is a survivor of the APS Peshawar attack, sends forth the right message: we are a resilient nation.  The video celebrates Pakistan perfectly and shows our achievements throughout the years with the inclusion of clips of Edhi Sahab, Sharmeen Obaid, Malala Yousufzai and many other national heroes. It has certainly put us in the patriotic spirit!

Watch it here and tell us what you think.