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The ginormous red carpet for the Lux Style Awards 2018 was rolled out, and though not everyone who walked it can be called a star, the glitz and glamour of Lahore did promise a happening night.

Did it deliver? We take a look at the high and low moments, and some that can only be categorized as simply awkward!

The Highs



From the red carpet area to the show space, the layout and the décor was top notch, The red carpet spanned over a large space and ensured a breezy affair. The media was allowed to spread out instead of accumulating in one spot, pushing and pulling each other to no end, as is usually the case. The stage and show area too was spacious, well decorated in sleek black and gold as it should be.

The opening act


Mahira Khan took the stage with renown classical dancer Nahid Siddiqui, who was also awarded a lifetime achievement award. The dancer showed her classic moves under a spotlight, as Mahira accompanied her with a recitation of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s classic ‘Bol k lab azaad hain tere.’ The performance was classic and simple; a fitting opening to the night

Ahmed Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry’s adaalat

There’s no denying that Ahmad Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhry’s chemistry is much better than most on-screen couples we see today. Ahmad was the first of many hosts for the night, and while his scripted jokes were great, it is his spontaneous tongue-in-cheek comments that always steal the show. For his segment with Vassay, the two called upon various stars and made them stand in a witness stand and address various accusations. For example, Mawra was made to answer why she is so obsessed with social media, while Hamza Ali Abbasi was asked how it felt to be a sarbala for the third time, in reference to Imran Khan’s recent marriage!

Ahsan Khan and Mahira Khan’s Zaalima moves


While the night lacked the entertainment factor, Mahira and Ahsan unexpectedly breaking out into the signature Zaalima moves made for an adorable spectacle; making us wish they had done a proper performance on the song!

Baaghi’s big win

While the competition was tough, Baaghi managed to bag three awards in separate categories. The Best OST, Best TV Play and Best TV Actress awards were accepted by Nina Kashif and her team, amidst a thunderous round of applause and recognition of what the show stood for.

The ‘Mein Bhi’ Finale


Boasting a spectacle of 76 musicians, established and emerging, the Mein Bhi finale gave us goose bumps. Performing to Shehzad Roy’s famous ‘Uth baand qamar kya darta hai’, the performance brought out various activists who stood for causes of human rights, plus victims who have been subject to various kinds of abuse that the movement stands for.

The Lows



Yes we know it’s been said to death, but it’s about time someone takes notice. For many of us, the night stretched over 8 long hours as we unfortunately arrived on time and had to wait for things to begin. Other than that, it is also the fact that by the time the event ended, the hall was close to empty and pretty much no one saw the grand finale; as always.

Unimpressive script


Other than Ahmad Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhry’s part, the hosting was pretty much unbearable. Ali Kazmi, Ayesha Omar and Aamina Sheikh hosted a few segments and their feeble jokes and antics were not enough to keep the audience entertained. The fashion segment was perhaps the most boring presentation, as though no on had even bothered to try to spruce it up a bit.

Lack of entertainment factor

The award show which is meant to honour the film, TV and fashion industries has also provided great performances in the past. From Mahira’s first dance performance in 2016 to Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar’s rock star appearances, the LSAs can never be termed boring. Well, at least till this year that is. The somber route taken by the team this time around managed to make things a bit too dry without the appeal of some much-needed songs and dances. While Ali Azmat and Sahir Ali Bagga did take the stage, it was the only entertaining performances of the night.

The Best Dressed Awards


While fashion awards are not taken seriously as is, it was not appreciated how the best dressed male and female were chosen randomly by Ahmad Ali Butt, and awarded based on the loudest cheers they got from the audience. Abrar-ul-Haq’s win felt more like a joke, since of course an emerging designer like Hussain Rehar failed to get a commendable applause from the audience.

Lack of star power

The red carpet was grand and so was the event itself, but where were all the stars? Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, and even nominees Saba Qamar and Mehwish Hayat were largely missed. Plus did anyone else notice that the third Lux girl, Maya Ali, was no where in sight either?

The Simply Awkward


Rabia Butt’s cheeky comment

The model came on stage to present the Achievement in Bridal category, and with a look at the envelope said, “Should I announce the best, or what’s written here?” Was that a jibe at Sana Safinaz winning the award? It sure felt like it.

Noman Ejaz in the adaalat


The actor was a bit too serious, not to mention intimidating, when it came to his turn for Ahmed and Vassay’s funny segment. Claiming that if the young actors could copy him better they would already have won a few awards, he came across more as arrogant rather than funny.

Meera jee’s request for Lux soaps

At the end of the show, the Lux girls over the years were asked to come forward. Sangeeta, Nisho, Sahiba, Meera, Mawra and Mahira took the spotlight to say a few words. It was then that Meera said, “Pehlay Lux ghar aajata tha, ab lenay jana parhta hai. Please bhejwa diya karein”, [Earlier Lux bars were delivered to our house but now we have to go buy them. Please send some] implying the lack of importance ex-Lux girls are getting; making it an awkward moment in signature Meera style!