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Social media has blurred lines between real and virtual world opening more avenues to reach out to people. A prime example of making the most of living in a more connected world was witnessed today when a 41-year-old American woman traveled all the way to Pakistan to marry a 21-year-old boy from Sialkot.

The news of their wedding broke over the internet as the two lovers tied the knot in Sialkot. Maria Helena, a US citizen who is a reiki master by profession, befriended Kashif on Instagram about 10 months ago and the two fell head over heels in love with each other. Maria also embraced Islam before her Nikah ceremony.



The groom — who is currently studying — was asked about the age difference between the couple. He quickly responded, “Pyar mein umar nahi dekhte [Age is just a number in love]”. The bride was inquired where she would want to settle after marriage and Maria firmly replied, “Any place where we can stay together.”

The couple was surrounded by the groom’s friends and media persons; whereas Kashif seemed either too reserved or totally clueless about his marriage.

Check out their video: