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L’Oreal’s super liner to make the cat’s eyes as easy as a blink

The L’Oreal ad that will undoubtedly spark off a strong trend this autumn/winter.

There’s something cosmic about how different elements combine to create trends, in this case the cat’s eye liner. L’Oreal’s Super Liner hit the magazines last month, right after the extended eye was seen on various international runways as a beauty trend to look out for.

And then Rajesh Khanna died. That has nothing to do with the trend, of course, but it did for me. Because when I was YouTubing the golden oldies (Kaka’s songs) I rediscovered Sharmila Tagore and what incredible style she emitted. And above everything else, those eyes were the centre of attention and they seldom made an appearance without the wings. The cat’s eyes, in my opinion, had to make a comeback. And so they have. For me at least.

I found my way to Nabila’s today, primarily for a pedicure, but then I walked out with a lot more. First I decided to go for the Fiberceutical hair Botox that everyone’s been talking about. My hair does feel relaxed and luxe and supple after the 90 minute treatment but I’ll only know the long term impact after I’ve washed it several times. The effects of the hair-filler are supposed to stay up to ten washes. More on that later.

While I was at Nabila’s salon at Park Towers, I stumbled upon gold in the form of Sara Shah, who’s been consulting at N Pro for quite some time now and even has make-up tutorials there. I asked for a mini tutorial on applying the liner to create the cat’s eye and I got a quick, but very inspiring teaser. Now I’m going to Sara next week for a crash course on achieving the same results myself. I have to add that I’m also aspiring to learn a thing or two about getting my makeup right too.

There you see it: my catty eye courtesy Sara

Till then and beyond, I feel that it’s time to strengthen my liner – I’ve been using a soft black Chanel pencil all my life – which Sara has convinced me is as good as nothing. A little definition, a little personality is needed, especially since this style will compliment my Tom Ford Tortoise shell cat’s eye glasses perfectly. Let’s see how long it takes me to get the same results. I will be returning to Sara until I do.

And you can find her at N-Pro too. If you don’t or can’t then you can get a quick lesson in the tutorial Nabila has uploaded on the official L’Oreal Facebook page. I wonder, is the liner available in Pakistan yet? I sure hope it is!




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