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Ali Rehman Khan is known for his boyish charm and admirable acting skills but this award winning television and film actor has gotten all of the glitterati buzzing with what may be next for him. For those of you that haven’t already figured it out, it isn’t a new upcoming project, drama serial or movie that we are talking about right now; we’re talking about what we spotted on his finger. As seen in pictures, it looks like Ali Rehman has added a ring to his wardrobe and since we are right in the thick of our celebrity wedding obsession, we’re gasping for another one.

The Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi star has gone against the name of his hit drama serial because it’s evident from this public display that muhabbat tau ho gai hai. The actor has given his fans something sensational to talk about as the question now comes to the obvious “Who could it be?” We did spot him looking for an apartment in Karachi so that’s one clue, for sure.



Keeping in line how we’re one of the many fans glued to social media for all our celebrity insights, Ali’s ring is definitely something we could bring our attention towards and we can only grasp at straws as we drown in sea of wild guesses and speculation as to who the lucky girl could be.

Is it someone from TV or film? Is it someone from outside the industry? Only time (or Ali, if he feels like it) will tell. All we can do now is wait or stalk out.